Dolphin Depot Pre-Sale is LIVE!

5/11/2022 9:25 am

The Dolphin Depot pre-sale is now live!


Visit our store on the Mabry PTA website, to shop uniform items and spirit gear.  We have some great new options!


The pre-sale will stay live until June 12th, so place those orders now because our next sale will not be until mid-Fall.  Your items will be available for you to pick up at Meet the Teacher in August.

A couple of notes from our amazing Depot team who have done a ton of work to source items and make them available - they also give a ton of time to fulfilling orders.  Please note that all sales of items are FINAL.  Also, there are still some manufacturing delays and shortages - so while we have worked very hard to minimize this being an issue, this is the only scenario in which a refund will be issued.


A special thanks to Depot Chair Susan Bishop for all of her hard work this year!  Another special thanks to Bryce Berquist who is providing all of our new items!


Have questions?  Email the team at - thank you and happy shopping!